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27 September 2008 @ 08:50 pm
TL;DR YOU MUST JOIN TO SEE ALL POSTS, K? K. Hey guys! Welcome to this new community run by me, Morgan ( aerogroupie ), and Stu(ie) ( shadow_hive ) We've brought this comm to life in hopes people who love heavy kinks like us will have a place to go. I have noticed that many times what I consider good fic just goes ignored on regular slash comms. People who like things a bit...darker are mostly forced onto anon_lovefest, because there is no where else they can go to get the fic they want or need. Well I say it's time to put a stop that. Here, all not normally accepted fic is welcome. Everything from scat, watersports, heavy BDSM, gore, cannibalism, whatever. We don't mind what kink you like. It's all accepted here at this place. This place is also all bandom, no matter what band. From Marilyn Manson to Panic at the Disco, it's welcome here.

The rules shall be posted in the userinfo. Suggest you read those as well And this will be the only public post. All others are going to be hidden unless you join. Sorries!

Happy Posting!
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